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Hey guys.  I just wanted to let you know that the Human! Bill x Dipper has been placed in storage and will probably be posted on a different website.  Thanks to those who read the Introduction and 1st chapter! :iconheartrollplz:
Hey there.  I just wanted to inform all of you that I will be on a very long hiatus for a while.  I'm not very motivated to write stories at the moment and there have been events that have been popping up so I really just need a break.  Plus final exams are a month away so I need to focus on more school work as well.  I'm very sorry to do this and how many people I've kept waiting for new chapters to update.  I feel like I've let you guys down and I apologize for that.  The hiatus applies to my stories and other things that I post here, but I will probably just be responding to comments and going through my messages so my inbox doesn't fill up.  I'm very sorry to disappoint and I hope you guys can understand my decision.  I do want to thank all of those who have been leaving nice little comments on my stories and it means a lot to get such kind words from all of you.  Thank you very much and I will see you guys later. <3  


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United States
Stolen Work, accounts, and alerting me
Current Accounts:
Here-Majority of my stories are here
Lunaescence-Just my Free! story is there and I should have the same username there too

I try to track stolen work as much as I can and I hate putting this on my bio even. I'm noticing more of it is popping up on these sites I never use an it's very disappointing. For those who are stealing, try and put yourself in someone's position where they see their hard work being used and not receiving any credit. If you can please help me by alerting me in notes or in the comments below here. Thank you for reading this announcement


Amazing People:
:iconextramedialover: Triangle demon
:iconterraki: 我爱你我的好朋友
:iconxxworld-destroyerxx: *Dinosaur Screeching*
:iconairashiimiyamoto: My hand is like Speedy Gonzales
:iconmandadapanda98: CINNAMON BUN <3
:iconlancelight: How come I can't be the guy with his crotch out? (ALSO CINNAMON BUN)
:iconkyzer-aqueron: CLODS
:iconnexthecat: Is a cat
:iconnorth-atalia: What was that about a party and ice cream?!
:icontodifox: Marissa-chan
:iconjadeykayk: *stares and holds a jar with a dorito in it- Kick that Triangle Demon's ass...

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Stamp - Nonon (Kill la kill) by kuronuumaKill la Kill Stamp by sennketsuKill La Kill Stamp: Mikisugi 2 by wow1076

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Stamp - Tokyo Ghoul by kuronuumaTokyo Ghoul Stamp 2 by Knightwalker08Uta GIF Stamp by OjiKiyowo

Haikyuu - stamp 2 by YaYa-chinHaikyuu - stamp 13 by YaYa-chinHaikyuu - stamp 28 by YaYa-chin
Haikyuu - stamp 22 by YaYa-chinHaikyuu!! Stamp by JanoneeeHaikyuu - stamp 24 by YaYa-chin

Durarara Mikado Stamp by erjanksDurarara Izaya Stamp by erjanksDurarara Celty Stamp by erjanks
Durarara Masaomi Stamp by erjanksStamp - Durarara by EmiliersDurarara Shizuo Stamp by erjanks

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Bat by TheQueenMadonnaDiabolik Lovers Stamp 2 by wow1076Bat by TheQueenMadonna
Diabolik Lovers Stamp - Subaru by LaraLeeLDiabolik Lovers Stamp - Reiji by LaraLeeLDiabolik Lovers Stamp - Shuu by LaraLeeL

Makoto Naegi by asta-rothByakuya Togami by asta-rothKyouko Kirigiri by asta-roth
Junko Enoshima by asta-rothDangan Ronpa Stamp by RaeyxiaCelestia Ludenberg by asta-roth

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